jennifer hall 
Founder / CEO / Designer

Inspired by the birth of her daughter and the love for her two children Jennifer Hall created Henny and Coco in 2013. It all began when Jennifer couldn’t find the dainty bows and other accessories for her daughter, so she set out to find the best quality leathers, ribbon, tulle, and beads to make her daughters accessories. From there the ideas kept flowing and she kept designing!

jennifer oversees all aspects of the business while she strives to design magical pieces for children.

With a bigger picture in mind, Jennifer knew she wanted to create a brand that was all things magical for her customers who were a lot like herself. With her fashion design and business background her ideas quickly came to life. From sourcing factories to landing in top retail stores she ended up on this lovely endeavor now known as the worldwide brand, Henny and Coco.

As the CEO, Jennifer oversees all aspects of the business while she strives to design special pieces for children. She is highly dedicated to creating an experience while shopping with Henny and Coco. Where top-quality products and customer experience are her biggest priorities.  She always makes sure she has a balance of work and time with her two children. Jennifer likes to have them around the business to get a feel for how it is ran. Just as she had when she was growing up with her family.